What type of photo sessions do you do?

I'm mainly a portrait photographer specializing in high school seniors, couples and families. 

What is the cost?


What does the cost include?

• 1-2 hour photo session at 1-2 locations.

• Multiple outfits allowed. I don’t have a limit but the typical is 3 and know you may have to change in your vehicle.

• 30-40 or more globally edited, high-res, color jpg files and those same files also in black and white.

• Files will be downloadable (use the download icon) from a password protected gallery on my website for a limited time.

• After I deliver the gallery link to you, you have 2 weeks to let me know which 5 files you would like re-touched (if needed). The same 5 re-touched color files will also be made black and white.

What if I would like more than 5 images re-touched?

They will be $10 per file. Just let me know the filename(s) and I’ll get them re-touched and I will let you know when they are added to the gallery. They will also be made black and white.

What location(s) do you use?

Photo sessions are taken around the Delaware, Ohio area. You can see some of the locations I use here.

What is your style of photography?

I’m a natural light photographer which means I don’t use a flash and I shoot outside. It also means I do not have a studio. For the color photos I aim for a natural photo look while my black and whites usually have higher contrast.

How do I pay?

I take cash, check, and Venmo. 

When do I pay?

The day of our photo session.

How do I pay if I want extra files re-touched?

After you see your gallery and you decide you want more than 5 re-touched files, you can mail a check, drop off cash, or use Venmo. 

How long until I receive my gallery link?

This depends on how busy I currently am and how far into the photo session season it is. It could be as little as a few days or as long as 2-4 weeks.

Will you post sneak peeks?

No. Sometimes, after I’ve globally edited a session, I’ll re-touch 1-3 to use for marketing. However, this is done at the same time I’m delivering a gallery link (or days/weeks later) so I don’t consider it a sneak peek. I will let you know which file(s) have already been re-touched. Any files I choose to re-touch do not count towards the 5 you get to choose. I do not always post about every session (especially if you ask me not to).

What social media do you use for ScrapRoots Photography?

Facebook - you can find it here.

What about prints?

You are welcome to print right through the gallery (it utilizes SmugMug printers which is the base of this website) by using the "buy" button. I do not make money from prints nor do I even know if prints have been purchased. It is available for convenience. You may also, after downloading your high-res jpg files, print prints from a home printer, or upload the files to the print company of your choice.I also have links to my favorite printers here.

What is re-touching and what will it look like?

Re-touching is removing acne, reducing sunburn, brightening teeth, removing stains on clothing or anything that causes you to ask me "you can Photoshop that, right?" Note: I do at least one of the close-up photos for free so you can see what re-touching will look like. I will let you know which file(s) have already been re-touched when I send you the gallery link.

What is global editing?

Global editing are edits of the files including color/white balance, crop, contrast, exposure, etc. I will be giving each photo my professional editing touch! 

Other info about my process:

I shoot raw which means files have to be processed. I use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to process/edit the files. I also use manual settings (not manual focus) which means I’m constantly changing settings on my camera to get the best photo for the location and lighting we are in.

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